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Mission and Aims

“St John Vianney School is an academic community which is characterised by the Gospel Spirit of Peace, 
Justice and Love. All that we do and say in our school will be dominated by Jesus’ words: 

Love one another as I have loved you

Our school rules are based on this statement and carried in “our hearts and our heads” and reflected in the life and work of our school”. 


  • To foster and deepen the Catholic faith its values and practices in all individual persons in our school community. 
  • To encourage the development of an environment in which the Catholic ethos of our school is expressed through all activities. 
  • To provide positive role models for the pupils in our care, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. 
  • To encourage appreciation of each person as a unique individual and to develop attitudes of Justice, Tolerance and Consideration for others. 


  • To ensure access to all areas of the National Curriculum for all pupils according to their individual abilities. 
  • To ensure that each individual pupil is provided with the learning opportunities to develop their full potential. 
  • To develop a positive approach to learning in each pupil and to encourage independence in learning according to each pupil’s ability. 
  • To provide opportunities for each pupil to develop their artistic, creative and physical skills through appropriate experiences. 
  • To ensure positive Staff Development. 


  • To provide a secure and happy environment for all those connected with our school. 
  • To encourage the development of positive self-image in all our pupils and to encourage attitudes of co-operation. 
  • To encourage each pupil to take their place in society as active and responsible persons. 
  • To foster and develop appreciation, tolerance and understanding of other cultures and faiths. 


  • To foster links between our school and our Parish. 
  • To encourage active partnership between parents, staff, Governors and L.E.A. 
  • To foster and deepen links with the wider community we live in and local industries. 
  • To provide a healthy, safe and accessible learning environment for all individuals in our school.