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Why the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Neck of the Body of Christ - The Simple  Catholic

Our class saint is: Mary, the mother of Jesus.

  • Mary is our mother;
  • Mary is our best model of faith;
  • Mary said yes to God, and we can say yes to God too.

October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, and May is the month honouring Mary. During Advent and Christmas, Mary figures prominently in Scripture.

Children can relate to having a loving mother. We want the children to know that Mary is our loving mother in heaven, whom we can call on for help. We pray the Hail Mary daily to remind the children that we can ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for our needs. When retelling the Passion of Christ, we emphasise Mary’s faithfulness at the foot of the Cross and how Jesus told the Beloved Disciple to take Mary into his house as his mother

When we read the story of the 'Annunciation' and the 'Visitation', we learn that Mary is our best example of a faithful disciple, because she said yes to being the mother of Jesus—the most important yes anyone had ever said. Mary teaches us about accepting God’s will and trusting God even when we are not sure. Our faith formation year comes to a close in May with a prayer service and May Crowning. This is another chance to remind the children about the importance of Mary in our Catholic faith.