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At St John Vianney, we are a fully inclusive School and believe every child is entitled to receive the opportunity to achieve their full potential. This policy sets out to inform you how we do this. It may not list every skill, resource and technique we employ, as these are continually developed and modified so that our provision meets the changing requirements of individual children.


Our policy reflects the Code of Practice 2014 regarding the Children and Families Act 2014. The principles of the Code of Practice are based on improving outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), ensuring high aspirations and expectations. All children are entitled to an education that enables them to achieve the best possible education and removes barriers to learning. The school SEND information report can be accessed through the school website. The SEND Information Report aims to show parents what the school provides for children with SEND and includes a link to the City Council’s local support and services offer.


The staff at St John Vianney School aims to provide an education that meets the needs of all children to help them achieve their potential. High-quality teaching, which is differentiated and personalised, should be available for all children. As a school we will ensure that: - we regard the views, wishes and feelings of the child and their parents and recognise the importance of the child and their parents participating as fully as possible in decisions about their child’s specific needs. - the need to support the child and their parents, in order to facilitate the development of the child and to help them achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, preparing them effectively for adulthood. (Code of Practice 2014 0-25 years)

SEND Policy

Please see our SEND Policy here