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Welcome to Year 2!


Our class saint is:  St Patrick

Feast day: 17th March

St Patrick was born in Scotland in the year 387.  At sixteen he was captured by pirates and sold as a slave to a chief in Ireland.

While tending sheep in the mountains he prayed constantly.

After six years, a voice from heaven told him to go back to his own country but first he went to Rome, where he became a priest.

He was then sent to England where he worked for the Church, he wanted, however, to return to Ireland, and he begged the Pope to send him there.  The Pope made him a bishop and then sent him as a missionary to Ireland.

One of the pagan kings of Ireland arrested Patrick.  When he saw the miracles worked by Patrick, he said, "Tell us about your God.  He has given you great power."  "There is one God," answered Patrick, "and three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."  Picking up a green shamrock he said, "Even as there are three leaves on this one stern, so there are three Persons in God."  He was allowed to preach the new Faith everywhere in Ireland.

Useful Links
  • Nina and the Neurons - Use your engineering skills to play games and help the Neurons collect stars.